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iron halls of valhalla
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30th-Apr-2020 03:41 am - [sticky post] Hello there.
This is basically a place for me (iron_valkyrie) to put a bunch of wips, and hopefully get some feedback. If I've added you, it means I value your opinion and would love if you were kind enough to help me out once and a while. ♥ But by no means are you obligated to friend back or comment all the time or whatever. c:

Also please don't worry if you're not in the fandom I post things in! I also look for general things like spelling, grammar, sentence structures, and overall coherency, plot-wise and everywhere else too. c: (Again, that's not to say you should read everything I post, because that's just silly. But just in case you feel like you shouldn't have an opinion because you're not in the fandom -- don't! ♥)

I'll also post some reference things publicly, like the Cybertronian time/length measurements that's been sitting there since before this little account was redone. That might be the single most helpful thing I'll ever post, though, hahaha - at least for my own consistency.

I sometimes use a few filters on this journal! If you'd like to check them out and let me know which ones you want to be on, I have a poll here!

(Also my icons are all David Bowie and Steven Tyler now. Because of reasons. Very very good reasons.)
Steven Tyler - reflection
A while back, I decided I was sick of pulling some of the definition terms I'd heard all over the TF 'verses - for units of time especially (some RPs I've done are ridiculous, not only switching between Cybetronian and human time units, but at the beginning of some, a unit of measure that had been used to represent about four hours was later used to represent a time span of about a month xD) - out of my ass, so!  I went to tf.wiki. Of course, they all vary by who made it, what continuity it's in, and all that jazz, but I made my own little list, so I figured I'd put it up here. Sometimes I just can't be bothered to flip through that nifty little black book. (They also had a less extensive list of units of length, which I've also improvised on here.)  

Some of them are exactly lifted from things. Others are simply my own choice of time, represented by the terms found on the wiki. So from now on, I'm going to use these lists as a reference. c: Entry is public for easy linkback.

Cybertronian Times
Astrosecond~0.5 seconds
Klik5 seconds
Breem8.3 minutes
Cycle1.2  hours
Joor4 hours
Mega-cycle/Megacycle~1 week
Deca-cycle/Decacycle~3 weeks
Orn~1 day
Stellar Cycle~7.5 months
Meta-cycle/Metacycle13 months
Vorn83 years

Cybertronian Lengths
 Astrometer 1.5 feet
 Mechanometer ~1 yard
 Vun ~100 meters
 Hic ~1 mile
 Megamile20 miles
Bowie - shades
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